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Visit London – Things To Do In 3 Days

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London Symbols

London is one of the most visited cities in Europe and a city that attracts many tourists keen on an English culture. The charm of the town is given by buildings which already have become symbols of Europe, Tower Bridge and Big Ben or specific elements such as the famous double-decker buses, phone booths, cuisine, black taxis and local pubs.

London Symbols

London Symbols 2

One of the most enchanting sights of London including Tower Bridge, the bridge over the Thames, built in the Victorian era, which has passage for pedestrians and rises at intervals to allow boats to pass. The bridge consists of two impressive towers connected at the top by two bridges.

London Eye is a giant wheel located on the south bank of the Thames. The structure has a height of 135m and was built to celebrate the new millennium. A complete tour takes about 30 minutes and a ticket for adults cost a little over 19 pounds.

Impressive Buildings

Impressive Buildings

Palace of Westminster or Houses of Parliament are among the most beautiful buildings of London and mirrors nice in the Thames. This Gothic Renaissance architectural masterpiece is filled with nobility and history, and its interior can be visited with an organized group. The building has two towers: Tower Victoria and Tower Elizabeth, where is the giant bell called Big Ben, one of the symbols of London.

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Queen in London and one of the most important buildings of the city. Changing of the guard takes place at 11:30 every day, and impressive state rooms can be visited by organized group with entrance every 15 minutes, in exchange for a ticket, which cost around 15 pounds.

Squares and Parks

Squares and Parks

To take a break from the dynamic life of London, you can relax in one of the huge parks of the city, where you will discover some wonderful gardens. Visit Hyde Park, St James’s Park, Casa Ham or Regent’s Park.

Markets in London are famous throughout Europe. You cannot go through London without visiting Trafalgar Square, where most London demonstrations and events take place. Piccadilly Circus is also one of the most known ones, the busiest square in the heart of London.

Activities in London

Activities in London

Besides sightseeing in London are many fun activities available. The most popular place like London is Madame Tussauds. Here you will find sculptures of wax, where the celebrity world will look incredibly real, so get ready to make a picture with your favorite artist.

If you are looking for cultural buildings in London you can find the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, British Museum, National Gallery and or Victoria and Albert Museum, where you have the opportunity to admire numerous exhibits that are part of the history of London.

London is the European capital that has it all. Although it is said that the weather in London is not very pleasant here there are so many activities to do and places to visit, that attention will be split between the most beautiful attractions of the city. What other tourist attractions in London can you add to our list?

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10 Thoughts on “Visit London – Things To Do In 3 Days

  1. andrele on November 3, 2015 at 10:14 pm said:

    you should mention the nightlife… i love london it’s amazing

  2. khk970602 on November 16, 2015 at 4:27 am said:

    There’s more to London’s coffee shops than just great brews. The last few years have seen an explosion of coffee culture in the capital, and these are the places to check out this creative community.

  3. phuc tran duc on December 15, 2015 at 4:45 am said:

    tôi rất thích các phố ở london,hứa hẹn tương lai gần được có mặt ở đó

  4. London Is most beautiful place in the world. I was on tour last year in London

  5. London is great. Wish I could be there right now is possible 🙂

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  7. beatriz fernandez on April 17, 2016 at 6:04 pm said:

    London is a beautiful city. I want to go.

  8. Stephane Advincula on May 12, 2016 at 3:18 am said:

    London, such a great place! Hope to visit there soon!

  9. floryn70 on May 16, 2016 at 5:24 pm said:

    i want to go in london great place

  10. Edi M on May 20, 2016 at 11:01 pm said:

    Very interesting article with a lot of information on London! I have plans to visit London soon…

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