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Visit Bern – Most Charming City In The World

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Bern is the capital of Switzerland and is probably the most charming city that you will visit. It appears in the top 10 world cities with the best quality of life and its medieval center is part of UNESCO. It is quiet, well developed in all respects, with a rich history and an admirable beauty. Here is what you can visit.

Federal Palace of Switzerland

Federal Palace of Switzerland

Federal Palace of Switzerland is where the country’s Federal Assembly where the Federal Council operates. The building consists of the main building of parliament and two annexes housing the government departments and the library. This building is impressive from the outside, with a dome of 64 m, mosaics and coats of arms of the country’s cantons.

Park of Roses

Park of Roses

Rose Park in Bern is a place to relax in the city and is the perfect destination for nature lovers. Every spring and summer, the park catches the colors of roses with unmistakable scents. Here are over 200 species of roses that delight millions of tourists. Moreover, the park offers an incredible view over the old city.

Old Town

Old Town

The old town of Bern is part of UNESCO and is considered one of the most beautiful urban spaces in Europe. Tourists who visited these places can hardly describe in words the beauty of this medieval ensembles. Old city streets still retain the architecture of the XII century. The center includes several historic buildings, churches, bridges and fountains from the Renaissance period.

Münster Cathedral

Münster Cathedral

Reformed Gothic cathedral in Bern is one of the oldest and largest churches in Switzerland. Tower that reaches 100.6 m is the highest religious building in the country and has the largest bell. The exterior is decorated with unique sculptures, Gothic and religious ones, and the interior includes statues with paintings with impressive stained glass.

Zytglogge Tower

Zytglogge Tower

Zytglogge is a medieval tower and symbol of the city of Bern. It has existed since 1218 and was the main tower that announces the exact time in the city. Originally, the tower was built as a fortified wall and gate, plus place of observation from above. This building has witnessed the history of the city, had multiple uses and has been rebuilt several times, it is one of the attractions preferred by all tourists.

Bern is paradise for travelers and a perfect holiday destination, with medieval buildings, landscapes and green spaces. It is a city that surprises you at every turn and makes you feel like you’re back in time in exciting places.

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