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Visit Bern – The Capital of Switzerland

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Bern is the capital of Switzerland and the Bern Canton and at the same time is one of the most beautiful and clean European capitals. While not the largest city of the cantons country, medieval atmosphere, beautiful architecture, and many of tourist attractions, make Bern to be one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Switzerland. We invite you to discover some wonderful tourist attractions in the capital city of cantons.

Clock Tower – Zytglogge


Clock Tower – Zytglogge is the symbol of Bern and also the meeting place for both locals and tourists. Zytglogge was built in the early thirteenth century and was later destroyed in a fire in 1405. The giant clock was rebuilt, and in 1530 was put into operation a watch mechanism that functioned without interruption until now. The clock announces 12 hours of the day, days of week, moon and the sun phases and is decorated with mechanical figures: a rooster, bears, Chronos with his hourglass, a buffoon and others. Tourists can climb to the top where you can admire everything.

Bern Bear Pit

Bear Pit

Along Zytglogge, the bear pit of Bern is a symbol of the city and a precious tourist attraction. Said the fact that the bear is the city emblem, have been on Switzerland since 1220. The first evidence of the existence of bears in town dates from 1441, and the current Bärengraben was opened in 1857. Bear Pit, located in eastern old city is part of the city zoo (Dählhölzli) and is a tourist attraction of great cultural significance.

Bern’s historic center

Old Town

One of the most important areas of Bern, Old City is located on a peninsula formed by the river Aare. Old Town sums in total six kilometers of streets and romantic alleys transposing tourists since the first moment in the medieval atmosphere of the XIVth century. Theaters, coffee shops located in the basement of historic buildings, architecture, famous fountains of Berne and the Parliament building, sketched a dream picture. Old Town is UNESCO heritage.

Einstein’s house


On Kramgasse, no. 49, just a few hundred meters from the famous animated clock in Bern, there is another major tourist attraction of the city. Einstein’s home, where the father of modern physics developed the theory of relativity, provides true picture of the living conditions of the physicist and his family. His biography and his achievements are presented in the apartment located on the second floor of Kramgasse. Einstein, with his wife and son lived here between 1903 and 1905.

St. Vincent Cathedral

Sf Vincent

Also known as Munster, St. Vincent Cathedral is an edifice built in Gothic style and which supports the tallest tower in Switzerland. West facade of the cathedral dominates the Münsterplatz. The building was constructed over several centuries, it was completed only in 1893 and is considered one of the most beautiful places of worship in Europe. Both the exterior and the interior decorations were impressive. Tourists who want to venture a narrow staircase, with 254 stone steps can climb atop the tower to find Switzerland’s largest bell, weighing over 10 tons.

Bern is the most beautiful city in the country of cantons, with numerous tourist attractions, parks, museums, medieval streets, botanical and zoological gardens. Baroque architecture perfectly combines with medieval facades, creating a frame story. It contributes to the eleven historical fountains decorated with figurines. Capital of Switzerland will conquer you from day one.

What else have you visited in Bern?

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