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Visit Bled – 3 Days In The Beautiful Part Of Slovenia

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Visit Bled - 3 Days In The Beautiful Part Of Slovenia

Bled is the most famous mountain resort of Slovenia, considered by many a land rooted in tales of this country. The resort is situated on the shores of Lake Bled, at the foot of the Julian Alps. In the middle of the lake reflects the beauty of the surrounding landscape, is a small island, and it is the only natural formation of its kind in Slovenia. Bled is one of the most attractive resorts in Europe since old times, often residence or vacation spot for aristocrats. Learn more about the main attractions of the Bled resort below.

Lake Bled


We open the list of the main attractions of the Bled resort with the lake bearing the same name and without there might not be talks about the special beauty of this mountainous settlements. Bled is a glacial lake, which covers an area of ​​144 hectares. All around rises towering peaks of the Julian Alps and the entire landscape is reflected in the clear waters. Tourists who reached the shores of this lake say the remark according to which the landscape is broken from fairy tales is not exaggerated. Lake Bled offers the possibility of practicing water sports, and in summer you can cool off in its waters.

Bled Island

Bled Island

Clear waters of Lake Bled embraces a piece of land. It’s about Bled Island which has the shape of a tear. The island, although limited in size, has been populated since ancient times, its traces of habitation dating back to the Triassic. Bled Island is one of the attractions of the region and can be reached with a special boat called Pletna. On the island, the vegetation is rich and very colorful. Also, the patch of earth houses Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption, and to reach the place of worship you must go through a staircase of 99 steps.

Bled Castle

Bled Castle

The picturesque landscape of Lake Bled resort and its banks are guarded by a medieval castle. It’s about Bled Castle whose construction began in the eleventh century. In 1004 it was laid the first foundation stone of the castle. Originally, it was built on the site of a Roman tower and in the Middle Ages have been added other towers and fortifications. Bled Castle, located on a cliff in the northern resort, now houses a museum and is one of the most picturesque fortifications in Europe.

Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park

The Bled resort is the starting point for many hiking and hiking trails. One of the routes will take you to the Triglav National Park, the only one of its kind in Slovenia. The landscape is extremely beautiful, with mountain meadows, alpine glaciers, pristine forests, glacial lakes and underground water courses. Triglav National Park covers an area of ​​880 square kilometers and is one of the symbols of Slovenia.

Other attractions

Other attractions

Bled resort offers numerous leisure alternatives, the lakeside walks or boat rides to a train that surrounds the resort. Also in Bled there is horseback riding, sports, cafes and restaurants. Tourists who choose Bled primarily enjoy the peace and beauty of the area, and a trip here is guaranteed an experience you will not forget for life.

What did you liked most in the resort of Bled?

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