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Visit Koln – One of The Oldest Cities in Germany

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Koln is one of the largest and oldest cities in Germany. An important cultural center, this metropolis boasts plenty of interesting tourist attractions, besides the gorgeous architecture and set of exciting museums. Although the city was destroyed during the Second World War, it was quickly rebuilt, becoming a vibrant and dynamic city.

Koln Dome


The most famous building in Koln, the Dome with its imposing towers rises towering over other buildings of the metropolis. The construction of this Dome began in 1248, one of the largest architectural projects from the medieval period. The works, however, stopped after more than two hundred years, was resumed only in the nineteenth century when it was finally completed. Currently, Koln Dome is one of the largest cathedrals in Europe, a true Gothic beauty with two towers 157 meters high which dominates the city’s landscape.

If you dare to climb the 500 steps to the top, you will be rewarded with superb panoramic views over the entire city. The Dome also boasts an array of colorful stained glass, the interior is decorated with lots of works of art, some dating from the Middle Ages. The Koln Dome is located in the Three Kings Altar, where, according to legend, are relics of the three Magi.



With over 7,000 animals housed in a fleet of dozens of hectares, Koln Zoo, the oldest zoo in Germany is a great place for those traveling with family. The little ones will be fascinated by the species of baboons and lemurs that roam freely through their spaces. Also, do not miss the park of Asian elephants, housed in a Moorish building, or Monkey Island with artificial Amazon forest.



Near the garden there is also an aquarium with 70 basins that shows the colorful marine life, specific to different habitats, from the Rhine River, which crosses Koln, in the Pacific Ocean.

Ludwig Museum


Koln boasts with more than 30 museums, which include a “delicious” chocolate museum, and Fragrance Museum, founded by Johann Maria Farina, who invented cologne. However, the most interesting is the Ludwig Museum, housed in a modernist building, just behind the Duomo.

The gallery was named after the famous chocolatier Peter Ludwig, who donated the institution 350 works of modern art. Today, the museum boasts the largest collection of pop art outside the United States, including works by Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Also, the Picasso museum’s collection is one of the largest in the world after the one in Barcelona and one in Paris. Here art lovers can admire the works of the most important artistic movements of the last century.

Romanesque churches in the Old Town

Church St. Gereon

Church St. Gereon

A city as old as Koln has a long and tumultuous history, which can be seen best on its winding streets. Besides Koln Dome, the metropolis boasts 12 Romanesque churches scattered through the old center, these architectural works being among the most important sights in the city. These churches have been altered over the centuries, and most were partially destroyed during the Second World War. However, churches have been rebuilt, so that today are some of the finest examples of medieval architecture in Europe.

Church of St. Martin

Church of St. Martin

Many of these buildings date from Roman times – eg Church St. Gereon was originally the chapel of a Roman cemetery, while others were built over ancient temples and churches from Roman times. Among the most beautiful church include St. Martin. Originally built over several buildings used for storage, these colorful buildings were then integrated into building architecture. Another Romanesque church not to be missed is the church of St. Pantaleon, built in the tenth century villa over a Roman villa. The church boasts a series of colorful murals on the ceiling.

Of course the city of Koln has plenty of other attractions that will surprise you, and if you have enough time, you can do a walk across metropolis rooftops with a cable passing over the old town and connects the two sides of the Rhine.

What other sights in Koln would you add on our list?

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