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Visit Venice – City of the Doges

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Visit Venice - City of the Doges

City of the Doges is one of those destinations that should not miss from the record of any travel enthusiast. Venice is the capital of the same name, the most important tourist city in northern Italy, and in 1979 was built into UNESCO, thanks to its beauty and historical value. Venice is the city that has always fascinated due to outstanding architecture, islands and canals. City of the Doges is one of the most visited cities in the world and has a vast tourism offer for all tastes. Here are the main attractions of Venice.

San Marco Square

San Marco

San Marco Square is the largest in Venice and a tourist attraction visited by millions of tourists annually. San Marco Square offer an architectural framework that blends harmoniously with the Byzantine and Gothic Renaissance. All around the market are luxurious cafes, historic buildings, churches, library and lots of other historic buildings that impresses with the beauty of architectural details. San Marco Square hosts the famous St Mark’s Campanile (bell tower of San Marco Cathedral), another important attraction of the city and offers an impressive view over the lagoon.

Basilica San Marco


Basilica San Marco is one of the most impressive buildings in the City of the Doges. Built in Byzantine style, Basilica San Marco is in the market with the same name and is bordering with the Doge’s Palace. Opulent architecture, exquisite exterior decor with Byzantine mosaics, and the interior, which contains gold, bronze and special stones, brought the name of Golden Church. Access inside the Basilica San Marco is allowed only with decent clothes. Entering the church is free, but to visit the museum inside the hall which houses the treasure has an access fee.

Rialto bridge

Rialto bridge

The most famous bridges in the City of the Doges, the Rialto Bridge crosses the Grand Canal. It is also the oldest bridge in Venice. Built in the sixteenth century by Antonio da Ponte, Rialto Bridge is one of the popular monuments of Venice and the place where thousands of tourists come to photograph the Grande canal.

Doge’s Palace

Doge's Palace

Also known as the Palazzo Ducale, the Doge of Venice is a architectural palace masterpiece built in the Gothic still. Located in San Marco Square, near the Basilica of the same name, the Doge’s Palace is one of the main attractions of Venice. The palace was built in the late ninth century, and rebuilt a century later, after being almost completely destroyed in a fire. Only in XIII century, construction began to take its today shape, and over the centuries has been restored many times. From 1923, Doge’s Palace is one of 11 museums which operates under the aegis of Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia.

Canale Grande

Canale Grande

Venice boasts over 170 canals, serving as access routes between the 100 islands of the city. The largest and most important of these is the Grand Canal, considered the “boulevard” of Doge’s main fortress. Canale Grande has a length of 3,800 meters, in some places its width reaches up to 90 meters and connects the lagoon near Santa Lucia and San Marco basin. Along its banks over the centuries were built the most important buildings in Venice and richest city housing.

Venice is a tourist attraction in itself and can be considered an open air museum. The list of tourist attractions in this city is much longer. City of the Doges is a fascinating destination that impresses from the first moment. A romantic and colorful city, Venice remains one of the favorite destinations of millions of tourists worldwide.

What other attractions from Venice you would like to add to the list?

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  1. Manh Hung on March 27, 2016 at 5:04 pm said:

    the scenery was beautiful. I want to be a time to get there

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    Venice is a incredible place really.

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  6. venice is a must visit of the doges is quiet beautiful

  7. Really nice article for helping to the people.

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    Venice is one of the most beautiful places in the world a person must see

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  12. Venice is the most beautiful places here’s a good general rule. I found a happy second home in Venice.

  13. Really nice place, that was like a city of dream. soo inspiring…

  14. Great article. I would love to visit Venice but mos likely if I could i would end up living there. I love traveling in different places and in Venice there is so much to see.

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